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Amazing Stories Our Guests Share

Spirit Stories are authentic stories of excellence that inform and inspire us every day. They are real stories shared by our guests that show the spirit of our hospitality and who we are. At White Elephant Resorts, we are passionate about creating incredible vacation experiences in beautiful destinations. We are known for our generous nature and take pride in sharing the experiences and stories of our guests. See for yourself what we're about.

White Elephant Palm Beach

Your entire staff is exceptional. All were accommodating with a smile on their face. Makes the stay all that much better. Your manager is exceptional and your concierge team is wonderful. 

Thank you! I feel like the staff and I are neighbors. Enjoyed every moment of my staycation!


Everything was amazing!!! Leetrail was super kind, sweet and attended to all our needs. She has a great attitude and made us feel right at home! Can't wait to visit again! 


Amazing, Leetrail has an amazingly sweet personality and is impeccable!!

JR. Really showed all the hotel amenities and helped amazingly. It really surprised us with the lovely amenity that she placed. Very yummy. 


A special thank you to Karen. Her interaction with all the staff was amazing. Observed her with other guests, she asked them questions about things that meant a lot to them and you could tell it meant a lot to her to show interest. All the staff we met were wonderful. This time of rest for my husband Don and myself was made so special by our stay here, We will return.


The Cottages at the Boat Basin

We had a very good time, mostly due to the help of Erica and Andreas. They were extremely courteous and accommodating. She is truly an asset of good will to your guests. She made us feel welcome, appreciated and comfortable at your resort. We will return here before any other lodging on island in the future.


We arrived as walk-ins after a long and frustrating afternoon evening at the airport. Lots of delay, then cancellation. We were happy to arrive and were greeted with smiles and cheer, by Erica and Paul. Please commend them for their professionalism and customer service were both great.


We came in on our boat and because of the storm needed a "shelter" and Erica was able to assist us splendidly. Thank you for the kindness from her and your staff.


Jared Coffin House

Thank you for saving my vacation as it was an awesome experience. I will never forget you!


Great stay. Thank you for all the hospitality. 


Our stay was wonderful great staff very clean, the best location in town!! We will definitely stay here again!!


To the staff at the Jared Coffin House I would like to congratulate all the staff at the hotel for their professionalism and courtesy. So polite, the rooms are immaculate. I am so impressed. Thank you

I just wanted to let you know how kind & helpful Kerry Ann at the Front Desk was on Sat 6-5 & Sun 6-6 night. Her kindness contributes to my enthusiasm about returning to your lovely House.  I have not been to Nantucket since The Stroll in 2016. I was so looking forward to coming back & Kerry Ann's welcoming attitude & helpful advice was the beginning of my return adventure.  Even though she was busy, she was able to help me and tell me when to call back because I had a few questions.  I am glad I got to talk to someone as patient & kind as Kerry Ann.  The person at the Front Desk really sets the tone for your stay & makes the guest feel like they are safe & welcome at their temporary home.  Kerry Ann made me feel like I would be welcome. 


I wanted to take a moment to especially commend Omelia, Jason, Laura, Tara and Kelley. They are a great team and we appreciate the friendly and welcoming stay. Thank you so much.


Wonderful staff, friendly, welcoming and helpful. Loved the beaches and sunsets. Especially Madaket with huge waves and Sconset with the walks along the bluffs. Could have stayed another week. Thank you to Omelia for all your help!


My stay was awesome! And, Omelia is terrific!


Dear Gabby and Omelia, We want to thank you for helping make our anniversary weekend such a good one. You went above and beyond first by making sure I could sleep on a bed at night, sorry for being such trouble. We really enjoyed staying at the hotel, all the staff were friendly and made us feel welcome. A huge thank you for the ride to the ferry and the wonderful surprise gift bag from the two of you. That was a really special thing for you to do. We appreciate it,. We hope to see you again when we return to Nantucket but will always remember you.


Thank you so much for helping us out the past few days since my husbands "Bodily fender-benders" The staff at the desk was wonderful and compassionate. We look forward to returning. With heart felt hanks.


We do appreciate all Omelia did during our stay!


Many many thanks for such a lovely stay. Our room (Maria Mitchell) was perfect and all the staff were the kindest and most attentive I have experienced. Omelia in particular was a delight. Thank you and can't wait for our return




White Elephant Nantucket


Thank you so much for another fabulous visit! I love the room and being back at the White Elephant! I cant wait for next summer! 

Many thanks for the lovely dinner you gave us. Everything was perfect, from the handicap parking at the front door, that my husband needs. The smiling staff that greeted us. Our waitress, Whitney, who took care of our every need, and the food which was wonderful. I had halibut. The best in years. Our friends who came to visit us for a day, loved everything. I di not think you would know who we were there, You surprised me. Thank you for the surprise and your thoughtfulness.
Our wedding at the White Elephant was absolutely perfect and better than we ever could have imagined, thanks in large part to you and your amazing team. We are so thankful for the experience we had and will cherish the memory for years to come. It was well worth the wait - and I have to say that after staying in the residence, we're completely spoiled and don't want to stay anywhere else when we come back to Nantucket! We look forward to seeing you and the rest of the team next time we're on the island. Thank you again for everything. 


This was our first time on Nantucket Island and we could not have been more delighted with our welcome! Sherri was most helpful, prior to our arrival. As the PAC and Concierge we engaged with, she expertly assisted with dining reservations and provided interesting and pertinent information regarding our stay. While she earlier arranged for the Lady Wauwinet to TOPPER'S for Sunday supper, sadly, this sail was cancelled due to high winds. All other arrangements made by Sherri were perfectly timed. Upon arrival, we were mistakenly taken by Cranberry Transportation to the Harborside Hotel instead of The Inn, yet Simon was prompt, apologetic and quickly loaded our luggage into a BMW to take us the short distance to the Inn, where we were warmly greeted with a smile by Pete, a charming young gentleman, who immediately took our luggage. The ladies at the Front Desk at The Inn were welcoming and assisting. We were immediately impressed with Carolyn and Ilijana, two exceptional and kind ladies who embody warm and welcoming hospitality, not to mention, superior guest relations. Our room #11 was ready, yet disappointingly, we were informed by Carolyn of the news of the Lady Wauwinet's cancellation. Both Ilijana and Carolyn were then quick to promote the complimentary 4-hour test drives with BMW and invited us to be in the Lobby later for a raffle. Never, in our vast world travels, have we experienced such kind generosity and thoughtfulness. We still are overwhelmed, and overjoyed! Mr. Hashem, as we read through the share your Spirit story card and details, we are hopeful that our story will allow you and your senior managers to recognize all of the above mentioned staff at The White Elephant Inn, collectively, as well as, individually. Each one, delivered and excelled in outstanding and superlative guest interactions and provided memorable guest experiences. Rest assured, we will return again, and trust that we will have the opportunity to see and experience the wonderful and personal services of Carolyn, Ilijana, Nick, Pete, Alice, Simon and Sherri, again in the future. White Elephant has an amazing brand. We love the colors, font, logo and all of the "little things" that make the White Elephant Hospitality special. We are loyal fans now; brand ambassadors that are delighted to share our experiences with family, friends and clients in the promotion of your brand on Nantucket and in Palm Beach. Thank you again. As Anne Morrow Lindeberg stated, "to give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own." Our stay with you will go down as one of our Top Five travel experiences in the world.
With every good wish for continued success.

I had an amazing relaxing time at the pool. Taylor was very cheerful and attentive.
Sheila has a great attitude and great personality. Thank you Sheila for your patience! And Help!  And sense of humor! Sunday night you helped me to move our TOPPER'S reservation so we could take the shuttle. Then cancelled it when our party was "taking naps". Then re-booked when everyone woke up wanting to go! And got us a cab so we could enjoy the rest of our evening!

Tiffany and Mettia are fantastic. We have been here 9 days and they have been an invaluable part of a very wonderful stay! They go the distance with smiles on their faces and follow up without being reminded. Real gems.
Taylor and Juno were fabulous! Polite, attentive and helpful. Could not be better.
Our first family vacation since 2019 was made extra special thanks to the exceptional experience at the White Elephant. Seeing the cousins in the pool warmed my heart and the staff by the pool and every where on the property was so great!
Fantastic! Taylor and Juno could not have been more accommodating. So friendly and it was a blast watching them with all the kids. Emma was wonderful, Thank you for making our experience a spectacular one.
lijana provided amazing service. Always welcoming, took care of my bicycling needs, seemed interested in my photos, took care of our room and needs. Just so friendly.



 I would like to thank you for wonderful stay. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed our stay in room 105, and look forward to our return next year same time. Some of the best service I have had at a hotel. Thank you for that. 


Where do I start?  The Kraeutler-Katz wedding weekend was magical, from start to finish - thanks in no small part to the dedicated, cheerful, detail-oriented and always so professional staff of The Wauwinet.  Starting with my discussions with Kelly way way back in September 2019 about a possible venue site all the way through to Sunday, September 26th when Eric and I gathered our remaining items from Anchorage Cottage, this wedding weekend was a delight to plan and carry out.  From the zillion room assignment changes (thank you for your patience, Kelly!), to the angst over whether the halibut would be a tad dry (it wasn't - thank you to Chef, Jen, Kristy and Maggie for that important second tasting), to my vacillation over wine choices (Jason, you were a patient prince! and did not steer me wrong), everything was delightful and delicious! I hope you will pass on our comments and appreciation to the entire Wauwinet staff - they exuded cheerfulness, professionalism and warmth to all of the guests all weekend long. Both our guests who stayed at The Wauwinet and those just there for the wedding and brunch commented on the excellent and friendly service they encountered - which made things so much easier for us as parents of the bride and hosts of the wedding weekend.  In fact, many of our family members who stayed at The Wauwinet for the weekend loved it so much, they really did not want to leave! The Zen Deck proved to be a magical spot for the wedding ceremony - and, while we got lucky with the weather, I'll admit, I think the bit of fog that rolled in as it was time for the ceremony to start was a blessing: the guys weren't too hot in their jackets, guests weren't staring into the sun and the pictures no doubt will have a moody aspect. As I am sure you all know, wedding weekends at The Wauwinet don't "come cheap;" however, it may surprise you to know that Eric and I feel we truly got our money's worth. Thank you to all at The Wauwinet for truly a job well done!


On behalf of my wife, Mary Jo, and myself, we wanted to truly thank you and your staff at the Wauwinet for a fantastic mini vacation/30th anniversary celebration. As always (except for the weather), everything was perfect. And, the service at your Inn By The Sea is unparalleled. As I mentioned to you, we did miss James and Hanif this year and hope to see them next year. Your front desk staff Joe and Allie kept smiles on our faces and attended to all our needs. Simply put, the Wauwinet is a very special place for us. We would also like to mention that the pandemic protocols you had in place during our stay put us both very much at ease and made us feel, at all times, comfortable.


Dear Ally and Joe We wanted to thank you for taking such great care of us during our honeymoon stay. You were so attentive and sweet making our trip just perfect! We can't wait to see you both on our return visit.


The staff in the hotel are lovely. The front desk staff, especially Tiffany and Shannando are really superb! Bright, helpful and energetic! They are wonderful for your hotel!


Captain Rob McMullen is here to keep the oceans safe for boaters, kayakers, and aquatic life alike! On a particularly blustery day on the wa-ter, Captain Rob and his lunch boat came across a stranded kayaker who had capsized and was frantic for assistance. Our Captain raced to his aid and, with the help of other good Samaritans on board, pulled him up on the boat and gave him safe harbor before assisting him on his way back to shore. Our Captain and his quick thinking saved the life of a fellow sailor out there on the high seas and made sure he would live to kayak another day! You are such a star Rob, we appreciate you so much!


My name is Bill Pasquale and I wanted to share the pleasant experience I had with Rebecca Hudson over the past several days. My son Brian is getting married at TWER on 6/5/21. Once the room block information was shared I initially made reservations at the JC House. During this process Rebecca was extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. After discussing the reservation with my daughter (who is in the wedding) we opted to attempt to switch our reservation to 2-Bedroom cottage at TWER. To say that Rebecca was helpful in this would be an understatement. With all that's going on right now, to hear a cheerful and energetic voice on the other end was very much welcomed. She was able to handle the switch very efficiently. In total I believe I talked to Rebecca three times over three days and each time she presented your property and herself in a professional yet personal nature. She is a credit to your team and we look forward to celebrating the upcoming wedding of Brian and Meggie.


Two weeks ago Andre was called to Sea Syren at 2am as there was water coming through the ceiling due to an AC issue. Andre was working with Scott at the front desk at the JC to help the guests. The only room available was at the Wauwinet so Andre took it upon himself to drive the guests to the Wauwinet in the beach bus at 3 am. Andre thank you for your quick thinking and willingness to take care of us it guests!

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