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Lobster Tales from Two Nantucket Favorites
22 Aug 2014
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White Elephant Resorts

Lobster Tales from Two Nantucket Favorites

"Where can I find the best lobster roll on Nantucket?" This is a question often asked of Nantucket concierge, residents, and those in the know. Nantucket Insider cracks the shell on what makes an amazing lobster roll. According to Chef Kyle Zachary of TOPPER'S; "If you are a chef at a resort restaurant in New England, you pretty much have to have a lobster roll on your menu. Our guests expect it and we always try to give them what they want. That being said, we wanted to do a lobster roll that is a little different from the rest." This is achieved first with the bun, TOPPER'S lobster roll is served on a house-made buttered brioche bun as opposed to the more typical hot dog roll. Most New England lobster roll are dressed with mayonnaise, and TOPPER'S flavors theirs with brown butter- we love the roasted, nutty flavor that brown butter adds to it! But the most important tip Chef Kyle has to offer is to use fresh lobster meat; "the fresher, the better". To trap some more tips on the perfect lobster roll, Nantucket Insider paid a visit to Chef Tom Pearson at Brant Point Grill. Pearson uses a local supplier, Sayles Seafood, for the lobster in the roll. The lobsters come from Maine and are sweet tasting. Brant Point Grill bakes Challah bread in house daily and it has a very buttery taste, which complements the sweet lobster meat. It seems like a fresh, buttery bun is a key element in lobster roll perfection. BPG's lobster roll is served with a simple green salad, dressed with a lemon vinaigrette. This also pairs well with the lobster meat. Read on to get Chef Tom Pearson's recipe for this delicious lobster roll and for Chef Kyle Zachary's lobster roll signature ingredient; brown butter mayonnaise... [yumprint-recipe id='2'] [yumprint-recipe id='3']

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